Author: Tara Ward

  • We Brought The Summer With Us (Thugamar Fein an Samahradh Linn)

    We Brought The Summer With Us (Thugamar Fein an Samahradh Linn)

    Happy Beltane (or May Day as you may know it)! The verse above comes from an ancient summer-welcoming carol called Thugamar Fein An Samahradn Linn, one of the oldest known songs in the Irish language. When I first heard it performed by The Gloaming, I promised myself that one day I would find out what…

  • Grand Re-Opening!

    Grand Re-Opening!

    Hello friends! I wanted to let you know that, after a five-year hiatus to focus on starting a family, my vocal studio is opening again. I’m really excited to get back into doing something I love so much and especially at a time like this, when a bunch of us (some with kids!) are stuck…

  • Do me a favor today…

    Do me a favor today…

    I am asking a favor of all of you today: SING! Why? Singing transmutes negative energy. Have you ever experienced how your mood can lift after singing, whether it’s solo or with a group of people? Or the opposite…how it’s extremely difficult to sing when crying or when you’re so mad your body is super-tense?…

  • New Song!

    New Song!

    When I was given the opportunity to contribute to the new issue of Kindred Online Magazine with the theme of WELCOME, I had to consider which of my unreleased songs I was going to take the time to flesh out. I quickly landed on “Things You Do Not Know”. I wrote this song while pregnant…

  • Upcoming Shows: October 2014

    OCTOBER 4 – Via Tribunali in Georgetown OCTOBER 20 – Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley             

  • No Ordinary Post

    Last week, after reading yet another article about how social media tends to make us feel bad about ourselves, I decided I would try my own experiment for fun. I committed to make an effort to post very mundane or boring things on Facebook daily. My goal was to see if this would actually help…

  • Thou/Art


    A redirection from The Opiate Mass’ previous work, this ten-song studio album is predominantly constructed of synthesized instruments. Exploring themes of the body, self-worth, rest, and damnation. released 10 April 2012 Zadok Wartes (Producer, Graphic Design), Tara Ward (Assistant Producer), Nick Lee (Assistant Engineer), Rick Fisher (Mastering Engineer), Lauren Davies (Cover Art) Richard Cowdrey (Executive…

  • FromtheBellyofaWoman


      The Opiate Mass’ third EP.  

  • Albatross


      The Opiate Mass’ second EP.  

  • Make A Sound

    Make A Sound

      The Opiate Mass’ first EP.