Do me a favor today…

I am asking a favor of all of you today: SING!

Why? Singing transmutes negative energy. Have you ever experienced how your mood can lift after singing, whether it’s solo or with a group of people? Or the opposite…how it’s extremely difficult to sing when crying or when you’re so mad your body is super-tense? When I’ve been in one of those strained and specific moods I’ve found I can only be inspired to sing if I can find the right song that fits my mood. When I do find that song though, if I commit to actually singing it, somehow I’m able to move through what I’m feeling and create a new perspective or experience a moment of peace. 

Another important reason to sing right now is that it can “hack” your vagus nerve to initiate your body’s relaxation response! This article talks about the 4:8 model, which is similar to breathing used in yoga, hypnobirthing (which I used during labor for both my children), and athletic training: you slowly inhale for four seconds and then exhale for twice as long. If you repeat this 10 times you should feel your body relax. Singing at its most basic form is just taking a breath and exhaling for a longer amount of time (with style!), so singing is a scientifically-proven stress reliever!

So I’ll say it again: SING! Find your song. It could be any song or find that song that fits exactly how you’re feeling and sing it or sing along with it. Sing your deep sorrow, sing your anger, sing your stress out, sing something ridiculous, sing of your love, sing of what is good. Let this be your act of self care or rebellion for ten minutes today. Let’s all send something good into the air around us and into the world. Release.