Thou/Art by Opiate Mass Album Cover


Thou/Art by Opiate Mass Album Cover

A redirection from The Opiate Mass’ previous work, this ten-song studio album is predominantly constructed of synthesized instruments. Exploring themes of the body, self-worth, rest, and damnation.

released 10 April 2012

Zadok Wartes (Producer, Graphic Design), Tara Ward (Assistant Producer), Nick Lee (Assistant Engineer), Rick Fisher (Mastering Engineer), Lauren Davies (Cover Art) Richard Cowdrey (Executive Producer), Tim Soerens (Executive Producer), Cote Soerens (Executive Producer), John Gary Daynes (Executive Producer), Tim Sneath (Executive Producer), Scot Martin (Executive Producer), Nicole Reilley (Executive Producer), Jason Rust (Executive Producer), Joshua Toepper (Executive Producer), Kevin Cirulli (Executive Producer), Karen Cirulli (Executive Producer), Anonymous (Executive Producer)


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