New Song!

Skye Harvey|Self-Portrait In Metamorphosis

When I was given the opportunity to contribute to the new issue of Kindred Online Magazine with the theme of WELCOME, I had to consider which of my unreleased songs I was going to take the time to flesh out. I quickly landed on “Things You Do Not Know”.

I wrote this song while pregnant with my first child. It’s basically a conversation in three parts with my husband, son, and myself about how facing the unknown brings up so much in us and pushes us to examine and consider what matters most. I started recording this almost two months ago and so many unforeseen things have happened since then. Listening to the track now in light of the global COVID-19 shutdown, these words written over four years ago are striking me in new ways. It now feels like a lullaby for these times.

I have so much gratitude for Mark Mohrlang who stepped-in and brought the sounds of this song to life with seemingly effortless guitar work. Thank you Lacey Brown for connecting me with Mauricio, your generosity, and your continual encouragement towards me and my creativity. Thank you Mauricio for all the time and energy you put into this. Skye Harvey, thank you for allowing me to pair your very personal art piece with this song – I love it and it fits so perfectly. Thank you so much Rachel for the invitation to contribute. Lastly, to Nathanael for singing with me. This song is so much yours, ours, and Declan’s; I’m beyond grateful to have you as the partner I lean into life’s changes, challenges, and unknowns with.

Check out my song, then the entire issue!