Grand Re-Opening!

Hello friends! I wanted to let you know that, after a five-year hiatus to focus on starting a family, my vocal studio is opening again.

I’m really excited to get back into doing something I love so much and especially at a time like this, when a bunch of us (some with kids!) are stuck at home and looking for ways to take advantage of our situation.

Yes, sheltering-in-place requires me to do things a bit differently (Zoom, anyone?), but there are actually some aspects of this that I think might be really beneficial to my students. One of which is: “TADA!” I’m international now! I’m already working with a former student in New York and am eager to see where else in the US and world I get to connect with.

My normal rates are $40/half-hour and $75/hour for weekly sessions, but to celebrate this new beginning, I’m offering a SPECIAL DEAL: sign up for a month (4 lessons) and get an extra lesson free!

So are you, your children, or a friend interested in singing or songwriting? Hit the “contact me” button over to your right and we’ll get the conversation started.

I look forward to sharing new adventures from my (virtual) studio soon!